Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Concilio de Liderazco

Leadership Meetings always begin with hugs from President Marler.
Elder Vimahi gives a Peruvian hello!
 Missionaries waiting to greet President and Sister Marler.
Elder Jensen, Elder McEwan, Elder Mendez, Elder Rareba, Hermana Ramirez, Hermana South,
Hermana and Elder Bentley.
 At the right, Sister Nuñez, Elder Phelps, and Elder Arenas.
 The angel of exercise and health appeared to a few of our missionaries and encouraged them to do their daily exercises.  A voice of reason by our Mission Nurse, Sister Olson.
 A musical number by Sister South, Sister Pineda, Sister Coleman, Elder Olsen and Elder McEwan.
 President Marler speaking on our desire to serve the Lord is the first step in following Jesus Christ.
 Sister Marler teaching how to teach with inspired questions, and loving lessons.  
Teaching the Gospel of Christ takes time, effort and most importantly, the Spirit of the Lord. 
 She taught with Elder Craft and Elder Marshall, it was a great treat to "teach with the big boys."
The Assistants are wonderful teachers.  
In addition they taught about teaching with "the end in mind." 
 Elder Cowley, Sister Alverenga and Sister Furness, 
writing a little of the inspiration they felt during the presentations. 
 Elder Espinoza, keeps all of our meetings running smoothly.
 Elder Romero and Elder Consuegra chatting with President Marler. 
 A Mexican Taco Bar, loved by all.  
 Elder Marshall, Sister Marler and Elder Craft, needed a pictures together after their training.
 Elder Heward and Elder Rareba....don't ask!!!

Our current leadership council.
We sure love all of these great leaders in our mission.