Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Another close encounter with the Alpaca world or "a trip home from Huamachuco.

Oh yes, we will miss this lovely creations when we go home.
And I have the best husband ever, who stops the car every time I spot an Alpaca or Llama.
 I think if we had alpaca's in the United States, they would have been the official cutest stuffed animal, instead of a teddy bear!

 Elder Craft teaching a group of alpacas.
 Alpaca herding and its finest, Elder Marshall using his best skills to coral them.
 This cute little baby just stopped and stared at us.

 After a successful day of herding alpacas...
 We also found a Llama beside the road, we had to stop, get spit at and take a few pictures.
 Elder Arenas, with his new friend.

 We also found a friend from the ward walking down the street, Sister Juana. 
It was so nice to see her and have a visit.
 It started to rain and around one corner was a beautiful rainbow.
 We also saw a few turkeys.
 We just loved our drive home from Huamachuco, we will miss the Andes.