Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Friday, May 6, 2016

Perfect P-day, Anniversary and Elder Craft's Birthday

Traveling to Cajarmaca is beautiful.  
We are able to stop only the way take a hike, fish, and see some wildlife.  
We celebrated 3 special events while traveling
Elder Craft's Birthday,
 Our 41st Anniversary,

a perfect p-day.
President Marler loves to fly fish, 
he gave me my first lesson today, and I caught my first fish with a fly rod.
 No I did not kiss it...
as you can see it is a 2 foot fish called a "Fino"
I have mastered the most important thing about fishing, exaggerating the size of your fish.
 Elder Arenas, our new assistants, spent his day fishing as well.  
He didn't have as much luck,
President says that fishing is a great way to learn patience.
 Elder Marshall, Elder Craft and I went on an amazing hike along the river.
We then drove to Cajamarca and Elder Marshall spotted an Alpaca herd.
We asked the family that was shepherding them if we could pet them,
they laughed and gave us permission, telling us to be very loving, quiet and gentle.
 I can see it in their eyes, "really, those people think they are going to pet us!"
 Sister Marler was the first to catch a little alpaca cute, softest thing I have ever felt.
These are really smart animals, if you look at them, they run away, but a nursing baby, is distracted and you can just walk over and pick it up.
 Elder Craft started out a bit fearful but mastered the technique. 
 They are so light, about 80% fluff, but oh my can they kick!
Elder Arenas found that out the hard way.
 Elder Marshall found the pack animals could even support his weight, 
so Alpaca riding was also part of the day.

 "These missionaries are unbelievable, aren't they tired of us yet?"
 We all had a great day, and finished it off with dinner out for Elder Craft's birthday 
and our anniversary.
What a great way to spend a day.