Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Day in Canchipampa

One of the joys of serving in our calling is traveling around the mission to visit the missionaries in their areas.  We proselyte with them, eat at their pensionistas home, and enjoy spending time together.
This morning we attended church in Canchipampa, then went with Elder Mollo and Elder Morgan for a wonderful lunch at President and Sister Acuña's home. 
 We were welcomed to the Acuña's home by these cute fellows.
 We took a stroll around the Chacra (farm), with Elder Morgan, Presidente Acuña and Elder Mollo.
 Elder Mollo picked some of my favorite fruit, mangos!  In one month Presidente Acuña says they will be dripping in Mangos. 
 They also have 4 varieties of the sweetest grapes ever… they were wonderful.
Don't ask about the pink hat, it was better than a sun-burned head. 
 Presidente Acuña of the Canchipampa Branch, cutting a bunch of grapes. 
 I might have to paint some of these pictures!
 Today's green mangos are tomorrow's ripe, red, luscious Edward Mangos.
 A moto-taxi in the middle of the chacra.
 Elder Mollo, President Marler and Elder Morgan.
 Our lunch was cooked over this open fire, loom de pollo with green beans, red peppers and arroz…of course there was rice, and french fries, we are in Peru aren't we?  It was delicious. 
 President Marler posing with one of his new friends.