Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, January 12, 2015

P-day with President and Sister Marler

After 6 days of talking, teaching, walking, training, and working hard, 
every missionary enjoys their Preparation Day.
A day to clean the apartment,
write home to mom and dad,
…and play with friends
Sister Lopez and Sister Alfaro.

 Small talk on the sidelines of the big game.
Elder Wright, Elder Stephens, Elder Miller and Elder Grant,
Elder Rybertt, Sister Alzamora, Elder Flores, and Elder Lopez.

 There was some serious soccer going on here!
Elder Callapa and Elder Aguilar.

Elder Meza and Elder Bernuey.
Elder Rios, Elder Pacheco, Elder Lopez, Elder Rybertt, Sistser Shreve, Sister Alzamora,
Sister Richins and Sister Estrada.
Elder Preece, Elder and Elder Kaelin.

Elder Stephens and Elder Vargas.

Elder Bramble and Elder Rodriguez.

Elder Rios, Elder Muñoa and Elder Callata

 All three Chimbote Zones had a great day…we love playing with these great missionaries…
Thanks for a great day!
Elder Consuegra and Elder Alcazar.

Elder McClelland, Elder McEwan, Elder Smith, Elder McClellan, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Kaelin,
Elder Bernuey, and Elder Preece.

Sisters Pyramid: Sister Richins, Sister Alfaro, Sister Sosa, 
Sister Alzamora, Sister Estrada, Sister Cossio, Sister Shreve,
Sister Hansen, Sister Lopez, Sister Gonzalez, Sister Assef and Sister Jolley.