Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, January 12, 2015

Interviews and Training in Chimbote

It is time for our interview cycle. 
Once again the President interviews each and every missionary.
It's about well being, accountability and feeling loved.
 While President Marler interviews, some missionaries learn a little more English.
Our goal is to be a bi-lingual mission, Elder Bernuey, is one of the model students.
 Elder Jackson and Elder Smith awaiting their interviews. 
Sister Marler is teaching about using the Area Book more effectively
 in planning and teaching.
Elder Rios, Elder Simper, Sister Cossio, Elder and Sister Richins. 
 Other missionaries learn how to help their companions learn English, 
great to be bi-lingual, Right, Elder Gonzalez?
 Sister Angell and Sister Vaughan working magic with Elder Rios!
Elder Meza and Elder Alcazar present a lesson on keeping the Sabbath Day holy to 
Elder Haacke and Elder Brown. 
 Elder Flores and Elder Newman.
 Elder Sighn, Elder Lopez, Elder Miller, Elder Aguilar and Elder Grant.
 Elder McClellan and Elder Muñoa ask the question, "are we supposed to have an Area Book?"
Seriously, Elder McClellan loves to make funny faces for every picture and I thought
this caption really fit…their Area Book was excellent as they open a new area. 
The Chapel in Mira Flores, it looks like a temple.