Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, May 4, 2015

Interviews and reading the Book of Mormon

For the last 5 weeks President Marler conducted interviews with each missionary. 
As he did so, Sister Vaughan and Sister Angel taught English lessons to our 
native Spanish speakers, a
nd taught the English speakers to better teachers of English to their companions. 
They also trained our English language tutors. 
Here Elder Price and Elder Cook learn to be better tutors for our Spanish Speakers. 
Elder Barrios and Elder Duque await their turn for an interview with the President.
It is a time for President Marler to visit with each missionary, 
helping them to become better missionaries.
Sister Marler taught a mini lesson on the atonement and gave each missionary
a new Book of Mormon, they are to read it over the next few weeks, marking
each reference to Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Father, and the Holy Ghost.
Did you know there are 3,825 references to Christ in the Book of Mormon.
It is a scripture about Him, written by Him, for us in this day. 

Elder Rereba and Elder Barrios down from the Sierra for the day.

Sister Vaughan and Sister Angell, in addition to teaching English, 
they are learning Spanish. They have a tutor several days a week.
They are teaching by example how to learn a new language, 
it is difficult, but they are doing well communicating with our missionaries.
They communicate with cinnamon rolls, cupcakes and cookies,
Now who doesn't understand that kind of love!
Elder Lloyd and Elder Winterton
These interviews are bitter-sweet, they will be the last we have with some of
our missionaries, not because they are going home,
but because of the mission split.
July 1 we become 2 missions, an exciting time in Trujillo,
the Church is growing, we are going to have a temple.
But we will certainly miss the 100+ wonderful missionaries that will be serving
in the Trujillo South Mission

Elder Going, Elder Pacheco and Elder  Caldwell waiting for a training by the assistants.
Elder Winterton, Elder Marshall, and Elder McClelland
Three of our wonderful Zone Leaders

Elder Heward, Elder Boren and Elder Brown,
Interviews over, big smiles!

Sister Cañadas and Elder Smith, some of our lovely sisters.

Elder Solis one of our wonderful new missionaries.
Elder Pacheco, Elder Calderon and Elder Marshall, refreshments, looking at the mission blog books and visiting with friends, makes the waiting seem shorter.
Thanks for a great set of interviews.
We would like to invite you to  join us in reading the Book of Mormon and marking all of the references to Jesus Christ.

You will draw closer to Him and come to know Him better.
You will learn of His teachings, his great love for you, 
and the great redeeming gift of His love.
He died for you and suffered for you, that you could be made clean from your sins, pains, hurts and 
afflictions, we call this the "atonement of Jesus Christ"

It brings us back to Him, back to our Father in Heaven, a reconciliation with God.
As Members of the Church of Jesus Christ, 
we are eternally grateful for His great sacrifice, 
and we live each day, sharing the truths of His Gospel (the Good Word) to 
invite others to come unto Him.
Ask your Mormon friend for more information,
or look at on the internet.