Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Leadership Council - the first of some lasts

 Elder Winterton sang for us one last time, he goes home in June.  
As President Marler said during the meeting, we will miss him and the beautiful voice he shares. 

A training by Elder Brown and Elder Haacke, our last council meeting with him as our Assistant,
Elder Brown also goes home in June.

Some missionaries will be in the new mission before we have our next Leadership Council,
and there will be others that will arrive from the Chiclayo Mission.
 President Marler shared a spiritual message at his last Council of his 2nd year as a mission president.
 Sister Guevara goes home in July, and spent some time just visiting with good friends 
and getting lots of hugs! (w/sister Tulumba, Bravo and Assef)

 Elder Singh, Elder Rereba, Elder Winterton and Elder Andia.
Spaghetti from the Gingo Loco Restaurant in Trujillo
And one of the waitresses of the hour, Sister Angell.
Everyone enjoy lunch before running off to have pictures taken and to play futbol.

Sister Perez and Sister Carrera
 Elder Garcia, Elder Cano, Elder Benitez, Elder Mendoza, 
Elder Cruz and Elder Singh.
 The Leadership Council,                                                                  photography by President Marler.
 A few smiles and hugs!
 Sister Guevara and Sister Cossio.
 Sister Guevara and Sister Marler.
 Our darling sister trainer leaders. Sister Bravo, Sister Tulumba, sister Perez, Sister Reynolds,
Sister Hidalgo (back), Sister Assef, Sister Carrera and Sister Rejala.
and let the game begin….

 Watch out Elder's, Sister Rejala has played professional futbol!

 Now Elder McClelland makes quite a fashion statement with those socks, while Elder Garcia and
Elder Gonzales dig in a play hard!
 Waiting on the sidelines.
 Elder Winterton will go home with a few less brain cells.
 Elder Heward and Elder Claros face off.
 I really hope Elder Bates is the goalie since he is running with the ball in his hands. 
Or perhaps he is getting ready for next football season at college!
Elder Bates also goes home in June.
Sister Hidalgo and Elder Garcia, did they get the goal?