Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Leadership Council: a time of teaching, learning and reflection

Sister Rejala began the day with a beautiful musical number. 

Being Born Again (Nacer de Nuevo), or "converted" to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
is essential to our eternal progression and eventual exaltation.
Our desire to follow Jesus Christ, the first step...needs to be followed by our actions to do as He asks.
Elder Gonzalez and Elder Meaker shared a special musical number. 
Then there was the million dollar question, "Can you do 5 things at once?"
The answer is yes, if we stay focused!
Everyone enjoyed Elder Marshall's ability to juggle...
Finding scripture references to help every person learn to fine the
answers to life's problems, questions and desires,
and then knowing how to teach others to do the same.  
During Concilio, we all went to the temple for a tour.  It was a wonderful experience to
have President Marler as our tour guide. 

The missionaries enjoyed the temple grounds and took pictures for awhile.
Elder Winterton, 
Elder Fackrell,
Elder Zacharias, 
 Elder and Sister Smith,
Elder Heward and Elder Andia.

 Some of our wonderful office Elders.  It is a joy to work with each and every one of them.  
No one will really know the sacrifice they make to keep the mission running each day.
From left to right: Elder Romero, Elder Brown, Elder Tirado, Elder Haacke, Elder Heward, 
Elder Cano, and Elder Winterton.
 Sister Leader Trainers, Sister Hidalgo and Sister Reynolds are in charge of the Sisters for the Trujillo Temple Open House.  They are doing an amazing job, as they organize the Sisters, act as hostesses and help out the visiting authorities of the Church.
Elder Pearce and Elder Endicott,
The Endicott family met us at the temple and enjoyed the tour as well.
Elder McClellan, Elder Cano, Elder Meaker and Elder Winterton.
Elder Gibson and Elder Cruz.
Elder Marshall, Elder Rereba and Elder Andia.
Elder Claros and Elder Mendoza.
Elder Zacharias, Elder Smith, Elder Benitez, Elder Heward, Elder Swaney, Elder Bates, and Elder Cowley.
Elder Smith and Elder Zacharias.
This could quite possibly be the most photographed place in all Trujillo Today!