Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Last Moments in the Trujillo Peru Mission

The days started out like any other day,
get up, read scriptures, pray, get ready, eat breakfast, brush teeth,
run our the door so Elder Quispe isn't late for his flight. 
 Elder Quispe has returned home and we had him at the airport at 7:00am sharp!
 Sister Hansen, Sister Marler, Sister Alfaro, Sister Fernandez, Sister Huata, 
Sister Carrera, and President Marler.
 Some Laureles Sisters came by the mission home to say good-bye 
and to eat a Mama Marler Famous Cookie.  
Back to the airport.
 Sister Cañadas became companions with Sister Marler after her companion left.  
That meant she got to wait for the Rios' at the airport.
 Sister Rejala with great friends. 
...and with the Marler's as well. 
and then...It was time for the Rios' to arrive.
nothing was the same at all,
We enjoy each day, we live each day to the fullest.
On June 28 we passed our 2 year mark in the mission.
It has been an amazing journey, we love the excitement of the mission,
We love being in Peru and serving the Lord.
We love being with our missionaries, and serving with them.
We express our gratitude to all the Past Mission Presidents and their wives who built this mission,
and it has been a pleasure to serve in your footsteps.
Tomorrow when we wake up, it will be a new day,
No more Trujillo Peru Mission.
Tomorrow: the Trujillo Peru North Mission and Trujillo Peru South Mission.
But it our hearts, it will live forever.
Best mission in the entire world!