Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Trujillo Temple Dedication

The Dedication of the Trujillo Temple was lovely.
It was wonderful to be in the temple once again with so many wonderful 
members of the Church.
 We were reminded of the importance of the temple in our lives,
and our roll to invite all to receive these sacred saving ordinances,
Baptism, the Endowment and Instructions, and the Sealing of Families for all Eternity.
 President Uchtdorf gave the Dedicatory Prayer in the 1st session.
Between sessions he walked among the members, shaking hands and sharing his love.
 Friends greeted friends between sessions.
 Elder Bednar also walked around the temple grounds and greeted guests. 
 We found a few of our returned missionaries on the grounds with their friends.
 James and Whitney Fenn with Kurt and I.  How glorious to have spent the last two years
watching the temple be built and sharing this experience with them. 
 Hugging good friends, it was so nice to talk with our dear friends, Elder Waddell and his lovely wife Carol, also from the San Diego area.
How wonderful to gather at the temple with some of our past missionaires.
Jose Rodriguez, Mariela Paiva, Pablo Cortez, Brian Chempen, Me, Angelo Chacon, 
Cristian Zavaleta, Wade Dority and José Oyarzo.

Now the temple is dedicated, the doors open now for the work of the Lord.
serine, peaceful, 
The House of the Lord.