Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Activity Day with Casa Grande, Viru and Primavera Zones

Every once in awhile we plan a day where 3 zones meet with the Marler's for an activity day. 
We play mush ball (an oversized softball), futbol (soccer) and this time, ultimate frisbee.
It is always a great time for missionaries to meet up with old companions, meet and get to know
the new missionaries in the mission.
…and play with the Marler's
 Casa Grande Zone welcomed the Volk family in style.
 They all posed with their new best friends.
 Sister Cossio and Sister Maskovich, waiting for the games to begin.
 Baseball anyone?
 or is your game soccer?
 Sister Nuñez started off the game with a 1 base hit.
 Team Haacke, is ready for a great game of ball.
 But team Heward, looks a little tougher.
 Elder Ojeda enjoying a little sand time during the soccer game.
 Hope with Elder Haacke up to bat.  
 Jenny had the camera and took so many pictures today, 
go to Sister Marler's Facebook page (album entitled Activity Day June 1) to see pictures of all the missionaries from Casa Grande, Primavera and Viru.
 New BFFs, Elli and Sister Harris.
Sister South, Sister Rosado and Sister Cossio

 Aiden playing soccer with the "big boys", made a goal too, hero of the day.
Elder Miller and Elder Grant dug a huge whole so they could let in a little sea
water, Elder Grant wanted to "be in the ocean" for the 2nd time in his life.
Elli enjoyed playing with the Elders and Sisters.

Sister Bronson, Sister Cervantes, Sister Mazzei and Sister Nuñez, just enjoying the surf.
 What a great looking group of missionaries.
 Zona Casa Grande.
Zona Viru.
 A few Primaverians gather for pictures.
 Elder Duque, Elder Alverez and Elder Weber.
End to a great day.