Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Meeting with Missionaries from Chimbote and Casma

We met on Thursday, 25 of June with our missionaries in Chimbote.  In 5 short days they will be missionaries that we share, for the rest of our lives, with President and Sister Rios.
Elder Smith and Elder Garcia
Elder Hinmann , Elder Galarza and Elder Maldonado
Elder Chuquimia, Elder Zarate, President Marler, Elder Huatuco, and Elder Muñoa
Sister Marler and Sister Shreve, with a few tears.
Writing in the Recuerdo Books.
Sister Marler and Elder McClellan- smiles, real smiles!!!!!
Elder Chuquimia, Elder Ashby and Elder Galarza, a final salute.
Sister Bravo, Sister Marler and Sister Tulumba.
Final pictures by the paparazzi and sharing stories.
Lunch for a bunch!

Sister Opdahl and Sister Lindblom with Sister Marler. 
Look at those San Pasqual Colors!!!
Elder Zarate, Elder Chuquimia and Elder Campos..and Inka Cola.
Elder Muguerza, Elder Becerra, Elder Vargas and Elder Rodriguez.
Elder Mollo, Elder Diaz, Elder Sanchez  Elder Alanoca and Elder Díaz. 
Sister Sosa, Sister Bravo, Sister Tulumba, Sister Shreve and Sister Carbajal.
President and some of the Elders.  What a fun time together.

lots of "selfies"
President and Sister Marler with one of our secretaries, Elder Angamarca. 
President Marler, Elder Lee and Sister Marler (taking the picture).
If you lean in , and someone else takes the pictures, is it a "you-ie" or a "them-ie"?
The Sisters of Chimbote.
Sisters Lindblom, Opdahl, Sosa, Vidal, Bravo, Castañada, Lopez, Carbajal, 
Tulumba, Shreve, Yaqui and Assef.
Elder Becerra, Elder Murguerza, Elder Ashby, Elder Andia, Elder Carder, and Elder Johnson 
 cute sisters walking down the street.

With everyone, a "group-ie."
Elder Apaza and Elder Bernuy.