Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

From Hugs to Hugs …the Volk's

 Of course, in Peru there are hugs, hugs for hello, 
hugs to say we love you and hugs of greeting after long absences.

Jenny and Conor arrived with the Aiden and Elli and we couldn't stop hugging for days.
Elli celebrated her 7th birthday (a bit late) here in Peru
with the family and missionaries.
Everyone loved Grandpa's waffles.

A visit to the temple, included introducing Jen and Conor to our
Peruvian family as well.  We had such a lovely time together.
We visited the ruins of Arco Iris, 
Mom translating for Jen.  
Doing pretty good with her Spanish.
 Conor, Elli and Aiden on top of the Huaca Ruin. 
Elli loves Llamas as much as grandma does, so we spent time with llamas.

 Conor and Dad playing a little duet on the piano.
Elli's favorite juice, homemade maracuyá
 A welcome by the Casa Grande Zone. 
And playing with new friends at the beach activity with President Marler.

 Yep, he made a goal during the game.
 and Elli dug a hole with the Elder's almost to China.
 We all loved our trip to Huamachuco and the ruins at Marcahuamachuco.
 We found herds of llamas and took time to play with each and every one of them. 
 We played along the river banks and people watched.  Maybe we were the watchees!

 Plaza de Armas in Huamachuco.

Aiden and Elli pose with a couple of "old friends"
mummies from the nearby ruins.
 Marcahuamachuco Ruins, date from 200 before Christ to 1100 after Christ.

 Sister Marler and Conor herding llamas for a photo shoot by President Marler
 Just hanging out with their friends.
 P-day basket ball game with the Office Elder's.
Jen especially enjoyed watching the practice of the Marinera
for the Cultural Celebration. 
 We even had time to paint a few pictures.  
There was time to relax, shop, go to Hermanlinda, Mayorista,
Avenida España and take afternoon naps.
…but all too soon it was time to leave.
 Elder Haacke, Elder Heward, Elder Brown and Elder Romero now have new life long friends, and promised to plan a reunion with Elli and Aiden when they get home.
 We took a few final pictures.
Not exactly sure where the crown came from, but as always, Elder Brown
is a good sport.

 ..and finally a few more hugs.  These have to last awhile.