Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Friday, September 4, 2015

2 Five Weeks Meetings

This week we had two 5 weeks meetings.
The first was held on Tuesday in Cajamarca. 
This was a small group of 4 new missionaries and their trainers. 
 Sister Gamboa and Sister Rochette with Sister Messina and Sister Oteo.
 From left, Sister Thruston, Sister Garcia, Elder Quiroz, Elder Bailey, Sister Gamboa, Sister Rochette, Sister Messina and Sister Oteo.

For the 5 weeks meeting we help the missionaries in their adjustment to being a missionaries and give tips on how to improve their teaching and inviting.
 Here is the group in front of the Aeropuerto Capilla.

On Thursday, we had a second 5 week meeting in Trujillo for the rest of the trainers and their new missionaries.
 Sister Smith sang for us and her companion, Sister Alverengan accompanied her.

Of course there is a little pizza party after the meeting.
 Elder Olsen and Elder Ramirez enjoyed the entire pizza!
 Elder Manley and Elder Males enjoying their lunch.
 Our cute little trio, Sister Tupe, Sister Haro and Sister Roach.
 Here are all of the new missionaries, looking at their companions.
 While the trainers take pictures…cute, they love their missionaries.
 …and here is the entire group.  They are a magnificent group of missionaries. 
Elder Bond, Elder Manley and Elder Haacke, at his last 5 weeks meeting.