Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, September 28, 2015

Multi Zone Conference for Guadalupe and Casa Grande Zones

Our Multi Zone Conferences are a time for our missionaries to enjoy time together
learning to be better missionaries.

The meeting started with a lovely musical number by Sister Butikofer and
Sister Peel.

There was a training on being Yoked to the Lord, by Sister Marler.
Elder Smith and Elder Manley shared there talents on the Ukulele.
Assistants, Elder Marshall and Elder Bond helped everyone understand the importance of indicators.

Sister Mason and Sister Canizales practicing some teaching techniques.

Elder Boren and Elder Irrazabal,
 Elder Parkinson and Elder Pulsipher practicing their teaching skills.

 Elder Nuñez and Elder Drescher. 
 Another wonderful musical number by Elder Johnson, Elder Oviatt, Elder Morgan, Elder Boren and Elder Drescher.  Elder Pulsipher in front on the guitar. 
President Marler provided training.

Hermana Sellan directing the music.

 Elder Alles, Elder Nuñez and Elder Irrazabal.
And while waiting for Almuerzo, a little time to sing.

Elder Drescher providing a private concert for Elder Limaico. 

 Elder Irrazabal, Elder Nunez, Elder Alles and Elder Coca.
 Everyone from the Casa Grande and Guadalupe Zones. 
 ...and of course lunch.
 Hermana Tomanguillo, Hermana Yujra, Hermana Villa, Hermana Schuyler, 
Hermana Peel and Hermana Butikofer. 
Hermana Sellan, Hermana Rodriguez, Hermana Rimachi and Hermana Vasquez. 

Elder Ramirez, Elder Coca, Elder Males, Elder Alles and Elder Consuegra...just happy to be here!