Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, September 3, 2015

P-day to Cumbemayo, Bosque de Piedras

Once in awhile we have time to spend a p-day with the missionaries and visit
an amazing historical site.
Monday, we went to Cumbemayo with the Cajamarca Sur and Norte Zones.
Our first stop was at Bella Vista, where we looked over the City of Cajamarca.
 We then hopped back on the bus to visit the Bosque de Piers (Forest of Stones).
At 13,000 feet we walked through the forest, where rocks have been shaped into animal figures and human figures by wind and rain.  

 Perhaps more interesting are the petroglyphs on the walls of some of the ancient canals.
Some had religious significance and others, only drawings that the experts have not yet
Some date back to 1000-5000 years before Christ.
Some are believed to be Jeredite writings
 A lady came out with her little lamb hoping someone would want to hold it and pay her a little money for the opportunity.  Sister Marler loved holding Maria's little lamb.
 President loved hiking the Andies with the missionaries.
 Sister Reynolds with Maria's little lamb.
 The rock formations behind us are called the Friar's, as they look like a group of ministers gathering for a meeting.
Or maybe it should be called, the Mormon Missionaries!
 Sister Oteo jumping for joy at seeing the "cuy" in the rocks.
 Sister Rochette, Sister Garcia and Sister Gamboa 
(with photo bomber, Elder Bond in the background)
 Elder Aves, Elder Andrade, Hermana Stewart, Hermana Afoa, Elder Rodrigues, Elder Tacza, Elder Bailey, Elder Quiroz and Elder Lopez enjoying a pause in the hike.
 Now, this was one of the highlights for Hermana Marler, she found a little girl spinning her own thread.  Sister Marler sat down and offered to help, after and encouraging nod from her mother, she allowed Sister Marler to put the spun yard on the spindle (a little stick).
She first taught me the correct method, then watched very carefully while Sister Marler worked.
 Stake President, President Barboza was our tour guide, he explained the petroglyphs, and the history of the area.   Below we were able to see the canals, 
where water has flowed for centuries and centuries. 
 Canals that carry water down the continental divide to Cajamarca, 
dating back to 1000 years before Christ.
Some run toward the Pacific Ocean and others to the Atlantic Ocean
 Elder Bishop, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Bond and Elder Marshal 
walking among the petrogliphs and canals. 
 Elder Quiroz, elder Heward, Elder Cowley, Sister Rochette, Elder Rodgiguez, 
Elder Tacza and Elder Bishop.
 Hermana Thruston and Hermana Stewart, taking a break and enjoying the view. 

Sister Rosado and Sister Salinas (with that photo bomber again).
We are glad to be in a country so rich with history.