Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Zone Meeting with the Central Zone

What does flossing and brushing have to do with missionary work...
Healthy missionaries, are happy, hard working missionaries.
 President had Sister Thruston demonstrate correct flossing techniques.
Up and down, not back and forth.
Wrap around the curve of the tooth.

 Here is how you get those molars, way in the back.
 ...and don't forget brushing your tongue. That bacteria could carry enough bad breathe to 
discorage an investigator from listening to your message. 
Sister Nielsen has a pink, healthy and clean tongue!
 Sister Pineda and Sister Coleman share the doctrine of Marriage.  
Ordained of God, Adam and Eve were the first couple married, by the Lord himself.
Scripturally, why Marriage is important to the Lord and his kingdom.
 Practice teaching the doctrine.
Elder Pulsipher and Elder Drescher taught how "to teach with the Spirit"
and Elder Price and Elder 
 Sister Rochette and Sister Schuyler sang a lovely duet.
 Sister Thruston and Sister Rosado.
 Hermana Gallardo from Argentina.
 Hermana Villa and Hermana Olson.
Hermana Olson is our mission nurse, we couldn't survive without her.
 Sister Pineda and Sister Coleman.
 Sister Vasquez and Sister Roach.
 Elder Cabezas and Elder Ramirez.
 Elder Mead, Elder Lavado, Hermana Vasquez, Hermana Roach, Elder Morales and Elder Cabezas.
Hermana Rochette, Hermana Vasquez, Hermana Roach, 
Hermana Schuyler, Hermana Olson and Hermana Villa.