Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, February 8, 2016


Elder Mead and Elder Lavado had a wonderful baptism on Saturday.
Sister Vasquez and Sister Roach taught and welcomed this wonderful Hermana into the Church.

Elder Welch and Elder Bedregal taught the Liliana, Sebastian and their adorable family.

Baptism of Hermana Cynthia, Hermano Giuseppe and their family,
taught by Sister Peel and Sister McCally

Another baptism last week was Hermana Dora, taught by Hermana Rimache and Hermana Haro.
We are always so grateful for the support Chicama Ward members give to new members.
Other missionaries in picture, are Elder Israel and Elder Carman.

A baptism in Jesusalen was a great experience for everyone.  Look how many people came out to support the new members, it is amazing. Elder Espinoza (center) baptized Brother .

Hermana Arroyo and Hermana Ramirez taught Brother Pool,
President Marler was asked to baptized him, an experience he loves.

Sister Thruston and Sister Rosado taught this wonderful family, what a great day!
Elder Olsen, Elder Espinoza and Elder Drescher with those being baptized.

Elder Farnsworth, ready to baptize Katalin and Noe,
along with Elder Norton, Elder Mendez and Elder Salinas.

Hermano Noe and Hermana Katalin with their family before the baptism.
They were married in the morning, baptized in the afternoon,
and had a wonderful wedding party in the evening.
So happy to have the family in the Church,
Now on to the Temple!