Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, June 2, 2016

14 New Missionaries join us in the Trujillo North Mission

New Missionaries came on Tuesday night,
we had some wonderful training for them on Wednesday, 
then they left with their companions for their new areas. 

 Hermana Springer, Hermana Richardson, Elder Craft, Hermana O'Brien, Elder Logan, Elder Fernandez, Elder Zorilla and Elder Plazas.


 Trainer, Elder Cuellar and Elder Cayllapua from Lima.
Trainer, Elder Peek and Elder Zorilla, from Lima.
Trainer, Elder Israel and Elder Sanchez, who joins us from Lima.
 Trainer, Elder Capcha and Elder Moore from Texas. 
 Trainer, Elder Gubler and Elder Murri from Washington State.
 Elder Lengua from Lima, and his trainer, Elder Connelly.

Trainer, Elder Bailey and Elder Fernandez from Uruguay.
 Trainer, Elder Jimenez and Elder Mendoza from Lima.

Trainer, Elder Perez and Elder Arroyo from Lima.
 Trainer, Elder Cantos and Elder Plazas from Lima.
 Sister Richardson from Utah, and her trainer, Sister Rosado.

Trainer,  Sister Porttillo and Sister Springer, from Utah. 

 Elder Angulo from Lima and his trainer, Elder Romero.
Trainer, Elder Mendoza and Elder Barboza, from Lima. 
Welcome one and all to the greatest mission in the world!