Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Our Office Secretaries over the Years!

To be honest you can't get along without amazing hard working secretaries.
Some think they have an easy life, but in reality
they keep the mission running smoothly.
They give up sleep, p-days and most of their free time to keep every missionary happy, and oversee the administration of the entire mission.
They are in charge of transportation, setting up equipment for each meeting,
keeping all of the legal documents for foreign missionaries up to date,
 paying the rent for missionaries, and all other bills for the mission, 
keeping all the records for the mission, sorting and picking up the mail
and then there are "other duties as assigned."
Our first Secretaries were Elder Fackrell, Elder Smith, Elder Diaz and Elder Bravo.
With out them I would have been lost (oh wait, I was lost, all of the time). 
Without them, I would have never found Pinkberry, or any other great place to eat.
I would have never have learned to understand Chilean, it is a dialect of Spanish spoken in Chile.
I wouldn't have learned to "teach and preach and work" as missionaries do.
This is a picture of "our Elders" with President Marler our first day in the mission.
 Elder Hernandez was next in the office. He was so willing to help with anything. 
He kept everything in perfect order, and made paper roses and origami for me, 
they adorn our Christmas tree each year.
We lost Elder Hernandez to Ecuador 1/2 way though his mission, a reassignment, it was so sad to have such a wonderful missionary and friend leave the mission so early.
Elder Guerrero, from Argentina, served with Elder Hernandez.
They were so busy and worked hard on planning our first Christmas program.
Elder Guerrero was a sweet kind missionary and we loved working with him.
Elder Leon was our next office Suministra Secretary.  He served at one of our hardest times, Christmas.  Elder Leon had to help with organizing the details of the Christmas program, and be in charge of packages after a mail strike. Thanks to him 100% of the packages were delivered before Christmas.  He had lived in Trujillo a few years before his mission, and his contacts here were invaluable to put together the Chistmas program.  Some of Elder Leon's strengths included his kindness to others and the way he always looked our for others needs.

Elder Boekweg arrived next.  He had big shoes to fill as our 2nd personal secretary.
As a relatively new missionaries he was still learning Spanish and had to learn a whole new vocabulary in medical terminology, and become an immigration specialist.
I asked him once how he leaned all of the medical words so fast, he told me, "I listened really hard, guessed and then prayed I said it right."  Thanks to a real doctor in Lima, and his 24 hour availability, we both made if through the first few months, with all the missionaries alive and well.
Elder Boekweg had a kind, loving heart and after leaving the office he served as a zone leader, and later a magnificent trainer.
He made a face every time the camera was aimed at him...he brought us a lot of joy and laughter.
I think the picture below describes the joy that Elder Winterton always expressed.
He served as our Personal Secretary and was a joy to serve with.
He was super organized, and had a amazing voice.  We loved to hear him sing at every meeting and his "Bring them Home" became the theme song for the mission.
After serving in the office, he was a very powerful zone leader, leading and loving the missionaries of the Palermo Zone.

 Elder Tway was a genius. He loved to shop, and it was a good thing, because it isn't my favorite thing to do.   During his time in the office we had to set up apartments for the missionaries and married couples who were assigned to the mission.  He could find a furniture store, and bargain like a pro.  He had a very soft, kind heart.
Elder Tway also was fastidious and made sure every "i was dotted and t was crossed. "
He was also a great teacher, district leader and trainer.
Elder Tirado was a rock of a leader.  His organizational skills are exceptional. I don't think the office, storage area, and mail room was ever so organized as under his direction.
We loved his soft spoken voice, yet firm testimony and love for his fellow missionaries.
His companion, Elder Angamarca joined us shortly thereafter.
Another kind, wonderful missionaries who kept the records in immaculate order.
I think Elder Angamarca's claim to fame was in training Sister Angell. He was so kind and patient and "raised up" a great secretary to replace him.
Elder Angamarca finished his mission in the South Mission as a Zone Leader.
 After Elder Tway, Elder Leavitt came to the office.  He served in the office almost forever.  After being in Cartavio for 8 months he spent the rest of the mission in the office.  First as the financial secretary and then as our personal secretary.
He was generous, kind, well organized, spiritual, and really liked Pinkberry, and the Mission Home kitchen.   He and Elder Boekweg served as companions, and had a wonderful friendship. They also were super dedicated missionaries who taught and baptized while serving in the office.
Elder Leavitt could organize amazing service projects, and got to know everyone in Trujillo at every municipalidad office.

Elder Cuno served as our Secretario de Suministos. He was hard working and a wonderful chef. One of my favorite memories with Elder Cuno was the wonderful Salmon dinner he prepared for my birthday dinner last year.  Oh my, it was divine.  And speaking of divine, he even made me a 
homemade angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream.
Now that is what I call a great secretary.
Sister Angell and Sister Vaughan, were trained by Elder Angamarca and Elder Leavitt.
We couldn't have been blessed more than having them and their influence with our missionaries. 
The taught English, did room checks, make cookies for missionaries, and loved and served them with all of their hearts.  They also had their every day duties with Sister Vaughan as financial secretary and Sister Angell serving as the records secretary.  
They went to every district meeting, and spent p-days with their district.
After 18+ months of service in the mission they were really missed when they left.
But their final act of love was training the new office Sisters, the Miller's. 
Elder Heward served as the personal secretary after Elder Leavitt.  His calm, get it done attitude was a blessing for us all.  He helped to define the office during some of our "transition stages" and served as the medical secretary between Sister Calle and Sister Olson.  And what would our Christmas Program been like without the "Holly Jolly Christmas" western style with line dancing?
He shared all of his treats from home with all of us, except I missed out on the cinnaburst bread.
After serving as a friend and secretary in the office, he served until the end of his mission as a
Zone Leader, going home only 1 month before the Marler's.
 Elder Cano, wow, I have so much to say about Elder Cano. He taught me how to shop for appliances, get "ofertas" on everything, and save money in the process.

He made us Crema Volteada and tried to fatten us up.
He always asked, "is there anything you need me to do for you?", meant it and did it.
Even after his mission he served President Marler and I by helping to plan the Returned Missionary Reunion in Lima.
Elder Cano was a great help to Sister Vaughan and Sister Angell as they began their journey here,
 And as a dear friend, he met them at the Lima airport to say good-bye on their way home.
He makes eternal friends, and is an angel.
Elder Romero joined us, as General Secretary, and became one of the right hand trainers for Sister Vaughan and Sister Angell.  His English became almost perfect as her worked with the Sisters, and became a wonderful friend to all of the sisters in the office, including Sister Marler.
Elder Romero has an amazing ability to show Christ-like love to all.
After serving in the office Elder Romero retuned to the field to serve as a Zone leader and trainer.
Elder Olsen, followed as Personal Secretary, he is super organized and kept everything in the office running smoothly.  Elder Olsen brought some new perspectives from the Chiclayo Mission after the mission re-organizations.
We were so blessed to have him as leader in the mission during this time of change, and privileged to have him as our friend.

Elder Logan and Elder Espinosa are the transitions specialists, 
they prepared the way for President and Sister Marble.
They are like "brothers from other mothers", if you know what I mean, "almost twins."
They have been a joy to be around.
These two elders are always smiling and always serving.
We know they will be amazing as they "train and assist" the Marble's and the mission during this time.
The two Sisters Miller arrived 3 months ago,
Sister Sue Miller, above, takes care of all of the finances.
Sister Sandy Miller, below, takes care of all of the records, and
there is a lot of paperwork in the office.
They also love and care for missionaries, keep them housed and warm,
and just love being in the mission.
Thanks to one and all for serving beside us, and helping the mission to run smoothly.
Every change in the office is difficult, we grow so close to those we work with every day,
and we miss them so much when they return to the mission field to complete their mission service.
Each of you are some of the angels who have watched over the mission.
We love you all!