Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

P-day with President Marler

There are a series of "lasts"going on here, 
but at the same time, missionary work is business as usual. 
The Central Zone, Primavera Zone and Este Zone gathered on their p-day for 
a little R and R with President and Sister Marler.
Elder Israel, Elder Murri, Elder Sanchez and Elder Garside.

 Elder Smith teaching Elder Tejada how to play American Football.
 Everyone knows how to play futbol.
 But some prefer baseball.
Here, Elder Marshall shows his pitching style.

 Sister Gallardo and sister Alverenga are just happy to be at the beach with the zones.
 Sand castle portraits, here we have Sister Marler, 
 and President Marler.
 A self portrait by Elder Malhue,
 and others, by Sister Oteo and Sister Messina. 
 Life size sand sculpture of the office Elders and Assistants, 
yes they really buried themselves standing up in the sand.   
 Other sculptures included the Trujillo Temple.

 Elder Vimahi is representing a missionaries going home soon.
 A foot race with a foot finish.
 Elder Logan ahead by a nose.
 Elder Malhue won one of the foot races as well.
 Time to go, great day, great son, great refresher before another week of hard work, 
dedicated served, and teaching the doesn't get any better than that!