Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Multi Zone Conferece, Esperanza and Porvenir Zones

If you have the right tools, you need to use them.
Elder Reyes trying to pound in a nail with his shoe, hand, and the floor.
 Sister Haro has the right tool, a hammer.
Why have tools if we don't use them?
 Use Preach My Gospel for success, written by Apostles of the Lord...use it daily.
 Great training by our Assistants, Elder Arenas, Elder Carman and Elder Craft.
 Musical number by Elder Welch and Elder Manley.
 Elder Berrocal, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Tarqui, Elder Caycho and Elder Rios.
 The Central and Este Zones had a wonderful conference then attended the temple.

Elder Hebert, Elder Colman, Elder Wirthlin, Elder Choquevilca, Elder Welch, and Elder Wilson.
Elder Angulo d'Leon,  Elder Mejia, and Elder Quiñones.
 Hermana Haro, Hermana Rosado, Hermana Chaparro, Elder Romero, Elder Williams, Elder , Elder Larossa, Elder Alcarra,  Elder Berrocal, and Elder Rodriguez.
 Elder Casco, Elder Rojas, Elder Males, Elder Ramirez, and Elder  Bejarar.
 Elder Mendoza, Elder Espinoza and Elder Galarza.
Elder Rios with President and Sister Marler.