Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Despedida for President and Sister Marler

We have seen pictures on the blog of the members of the Church coming out to the 
airport to say good-bye to our missionaries.  
I believe the Peruvians have mastered the art of saying good-bye, it is called
The Rios Family, held a lovely gathering in their home for us.  
Stake Presidents from the North and South Mission, and our past counselors were invited to attend.
It was lovely.
 In the United States we wait until a funeral or retirement to gather and share our love for others,
here, it is when we say good-bye.  
This is a tradition I will keep forever.

 Those in attendance, The Rabanal's, The Olivera's, the Marler's, the Mendez', The Quiones', The Asmat's, The Tapia's, The Rios, The Bravo's, The Whitney's, and the Nuñez'.
 The evening started with missionaries entering the room singing "Called to Serve."
These are the Assistants and Secretaries from the Trujillo North and South Missions.
Elder Espinoza, Elder Carman, Elder Arenas, Elder Logan, Elder Stephens, Elder Craft, Elder Ramos, Elder Sanchez, Elder Maldonado, Elder Alcazar, and Elder Lee. 
It was wonderful to see the leadership of two powerful missions together.
 Two amazing President's enjoy an abrazo of friendship.
 I didn't know that Elder Lee played the Cello until now...
 Elder Arenas and Elder Maldonado, enjoying the evening. 
Elder Carman, Elder Logan, Elder Craft, Elder Maldonado, Elder Arenas, Elder Espinoza, Elder Alcazar, Elder Sanchez, Elder spottin, Elder Stephens, Elder Lee, Elder Millett and Elder Ramos
...and of course the Rios' and Marler's.
 Sister Rios and Sister Marler, two "forever" best friends.

President and Sister Olivera with the Marler's.

Brother and Sister Nuñez with the Marler's.
A special thank you to the Rios family, and 
to those who came to wish us well, we love you all.