Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Program, Night 2, Practice and Preparation

 Elder Kaelin and Elder Bond are all smiles awaiting the practice.
 Elder Ccama, Elder Angamarca, Elder Avila, Elder Cachique, Elder Huallpa, and Elder Contreras.  
Wonderful elders!!!
 Elder Buehner, Elder Tejada, Elder Marshall,  Elder Huayhuapuma Valencia, and Elder Cardnenas.
 Hermana Guevarra, Elder Carrera, y Hermana Asencio ready to sing. 
 Hermana Jeffery and Hermana Wayman, beautiful voices, great missionaries.

 Elder Callata and Elder Romero, enjoying some down time after the practice. 
 Elder Sighn, always happy and enjoying the missionary life.
 Elder Alvaro, Elder Diaz and Elder Orillhuela, finding time to chat with friends.
 Elder Vihami, Elder Benally, Sister Pinedaand Sister Mason, dinner, snack and back to work.
 Elder Huayhuapuma Valencia, Elder Marshall and Elder Gibson...
 A little peruvian band practice…thanks for putting the numbers together, Elder Benitez… 
they were great.
 Elder Platino and Elder Arias…love those ties!
 Elder McEwan and Elder Pre.
 Hermana Tulumba, Hermana Calle and Hermana Hidalgo.
 Hermana Afoa and Hermana South…just happy to be here!
 Hermana Bravo and Sister Nuñez, what lovely sisters.
 Elder Vargas and Elder Rodriguez really know how to relax!
They also know how to share the Gospel of Christ with others. 
 Elder Terry and Elder Price.
Elder Terry is one of our pianists, the show wouldn't go on without him.
 Hermana Wayman
 Elder Kaelin and Elder Swaney, welcoming our new Assistant, Elder Haacke (center). 
 Papa Noel or Elder Cuno?????
 Elder Bernuy and Elder Orihuela.

 Elder Phelps and Elder Tarazona...

 The Padilla's awaiting the performance…the entire mission just loves Sister and Elder Padilla.
They help keep the mission rolling along, and hot water in the showers too.
 Our beautiful work of art by Hermana Gonzalez, our Peruvian Jesucristo y su familia.

 The purpose of this program is to let people hear the beautiful music of Christmas, 
a gift to the community.  

…and before the program, we sang Happy Birthday to Elder Fernandez. 
"Feliz Navidad" sound check with Elder Coayla, and Elder Benitez.
and the show begins!