Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Monday, December 1, 2014

Multi-Zone Conference for Palermo, Este and Viru

Has it really been three months already?  
We enjoyed a Multi Zone Conference on Tuesday, November 25 with 
Zonas Palermo, Este and Viru
Our teachings included a presentation on "He is the Gift" (español) by President and Sister Marler
Click here (English) to see the Christmas presentation from the LDS Church
The gift is Jesus himself, from our loving Heavenly Father.
 Elder Haake and Elder Winterton performed a lovely musical number for us.

This is an awesome group of missionaries. 
Other teaching included President sharing thoughts from a talk from Elder Nelson,
Our goal as missionaries is invite people to come unto Christ,
 to help them learn how to return home to our Heavenly Father,
and receive the covenants of the temple.
 Sister Sarat and Sister Tonga with President Marler.
President Marler taught about the value of being a well rounded missionary, 
"doing 5 things at once"
How important it is to not just focus on one aspect of the work, but bringing all to Christ.
 Elder Murgueza shows us our newest traveling missionary…you pass it on to members of the wards and branches and they can pass it back after they have invited you to share the Gospel with a friend…a fun way to get referrals!
 Elder Benally, Elder Tirado and Elder Murgueza.
Elder Elder Garcia, Elder Orihuela, Elder Romero, Elder Singh and Elder Cuchimia