Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last few moments in the Trujillo Mission

So you ask, What missionaries do their last 1/2 day in the mission?
Here are the last few photos of these wonderful missionaries:
 There is time to have a facial, with the items mom sent last Christmas, 
it was the first break they had in a year!
 Sister Bills posed with her famous exercise rock.  
There is a series of exercises that go with this creation. 
 Sister Manwill and sister Steckler, enjoyed their last moments of sun 
before heading home to winter and snow in Utah. 
 Sister Panchi made gifts to take home to her family. 
 Elder Castillo played a few numbers on the piano.
 Elder Antuña relaxed, visited the temple site, and enjoyed watching the new assistant, Elder Haacke
do all of the work he has done for the last 9 months!
 Sister Wayman and Sister Panchi had lunch and then...
 it was off to the airport.  Our first stop was the temple, one last view and a picture.
 At the airport the missionaries are greeted by dear friends.
 Sister Bills sported a new Peruvian hat. 
 …and there is always time for some last minute photos with Hermana Marler,
(Sister Bills and Elder Marchant)
 and President Marler. (Elder Chacon & Elder Guerra)
 Elder Cano, Elder Chacon and Elder Castillo 
 There are always a few tears shed and missionaries and those they have taught and loved, 
say good-bye. 
 President Mendez came up from Chimbote to say good-bye, 
here he is with Elder Haacke, Elder Leavitt and Elder Antuña. 
 Look at this wonderful group of missionaries and loving supporters…I love this tradition.
 Then there are the last minute hugs and pictures.
 Elder Orellana with the Arroyo family.
 Some of Elder Castillo's friends. 
 Sister Manwill with a special sister!
 …and with a huge carry on…will she make it home with all of her belongings?

 Elder Marchant with President and Sister Marler.
 Elder Marchant, Sister Manwill and Sister Steckler, saying good-bye from the other side of the glass.

 …and now something different, but so sweet, look outside the glass window, those 4 people are our new missionaries getting off the plane, with Sister Wayman and Sister Panchi waving and welcoming them as they wait to board the same plane and fly home.
The Sisters and Elders welcomed the new missionaries, through the door…the looks of joy on their faces were remarkable, what a great way to enter the mission Trujillo.  They will never meet each other, but I hope our new missionaries come to realize that these who have left, have paved the way for them to be successful missionaries.  They have loved the people here in Peru, and helped to open doors and soften hearts that they are now ready to hear the message that our new missionaries bring.
A message of love,
A message of hope,
A message of joy,
The Gospel of Jesus Christ,
Savior of the world.