Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Missionaries Day 2

We started the day with breakfast in the mission home and emailing the parents to let them know they arrived safely last evening.
 We then had word of inspiration from President and Sister Marler and some training workshops.

 We had a belated Christmas dinner with Turkey and all of the trimmings. 
Complete with a Christmas present for each missionary.

 Then the trainers arrived!!! 
 Nothing better than meeting your new companion. 
 Sister Alfaro and her companion, Sister Lopez.
 Sister Neilsen and her trainer, Sister Gutierrez.
 Sister Beasley and her trainer, Sister Mazzei.
 Trainer, Elder Coca and his companion, Elder Cabezas. 
Trainer,  Elder McClellan and his companion, Elder Muñoa.
 Trainer Elder Diaz and his companion, Elder Ludeuña.
 Trainer Elder Palacio and his companion, Elder Jimenez.
 Elder Consuegra and his trainer, Elder Vera.
 Elder Barboza and his trainer, Elder Valcarcel.
 Elder Contreras and his trainer, Elder Cruz.
 Trainer, Elder Meza and his companion, Elder Alcazar. 
 Elder Rivera and his trainer, Elder Boekweg.

 Sister Lopez and Sister Alfaro doing a little planning.
 Elder Boekweg started with a selected reading from Preach my Gospel.
Elder Meza and Elder Alcazar putting their heads together to do a little planning for tomorrow.