Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Trujillo Mission Christmas Talent Show

We start each Christmas Day with a talent show…a devotional by President and Sister Marler and
birthday cakes to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 
This year in our Multi-Zone Conferences we talked about the greatest gifts we have ever been given…we watched the video "He is the Gift"
and committed for the month of December to give the Lord a gift. 
The gift of ourselves, our hearts, our all.  
Our message on Christmas day included thinking of what our next step is, what gift can we give
to the King of King and Lord of Lord's.
We talked about our preparations for the new temple, 
and our desire to invite many to come to the house of the Lord 
to receive the gifts that our Heavenly Father has for them there.

Here are a few of the pictured highlights from the talent shows in Trujillo and Chimbote.
Here we have dueling violins and drums…
 Elder Cuevas dresses as the Christmas horse, you don't know the story about the Christmas horse?
 Sister Jeffery Sister Wayman, Elder Johnson, and Elder Lee added some class to the talent show.

 Elder Orihuela as the "red nose reindeer" Zona Este knows how to dance.
 I think too many of our missionaries were cub scouts!
 The Meaker extravaganza "Let it Go", the mission medley of songs from Frozen.
 Elder Cano and Elder Cuevas enjoying a little poster, thanks to Sister Angell, 
Vaughan, Padilla and Anderson…we love you.
 Elder Rybertt and Elder Guerra, Chimbote Santas.
 Hermana Estrada, Hermana Jolley and Hermana Degracia deck the halls with….not sure what it was.
 …and we had a special guest visit from President Obama (i.e. Elder Rareba).
 Elder Morgan and Elder Welch...
 The talent of making Lomo Saltado, by Sister Lopez and Sister Panchi.

 Elder Gonzalez and Elder Boekweg, an original song about the Savior.
Elder Rareba and Elder Kaelin …and they weren't trying to look like Papa Noel.

Elder Palacio enjoying torta.

Elder Welch.

 Elder McClelland, Elder Allen and Elder Simper.  

Elder Lopez and Elder Grant.
Sister Carbajal and Sister Perez, getting ready to serve some lovely cakes.