Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Welcome New Missionaries

Outside of the glass you see our new missionaries arriving as the missionaries preparing to go home clap, welcome and wave…
The new missionaries waved back, then asked, "where are the missionaries who waved to us?"
President Mendez met us at the airport to say good-bye 
to some of the missionaries he has known in Chimbote
 There was a little Peruvian ban there to welcome travelers off the plane!
Great addition to the welcome party. 

 Sister Beasley, Sister Nielsen, Elder Haacke, Sister Alfaro, Elder Rivera, Elder Muñoa, 
Elder Contreras, Elder Barboza, Elder Cabezas, Elder Consuegra, Elder Ludueña,  Elder Alcarzar, 
Elder Jimenez and Elder Brown. 
 a little snack on the bus on the way to the Huaca.
 Hiking up to the Huaca (Moche temple)
 President Mendez ran up the hill, carrying the Peruvian Flag.  It was beautiful.

 We come up to the huaca to talk about the ancient temples of the Moche, their heritage here in Peru, and their progenitors who live here in Trujillo and areas round about.
We want to instill in our missionaries the 2000 year history that is here, and that we are inviting people to come to our temple, 2000 years later to receive the blessings 
that Heavenly Father promised their ancestors.