Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Zona Cajamarca

Our first trip to this lovely City of Cajamarca.  It reminds us more of Europe, except maybe for some of the clothing and hats that many of the Cajamarquinos wear.
Nos encanta Cajamarca!
Hermana Bean and Hermana Oteo waiting for their interview.
Hermana Cruz and Hemana Rochette.

 Sister Thuston, Sister Cruz, Sister Rochelle, Sister Bean, Sister Otea, and Sister Stewart.
 Sister Bean, Sister Otea, Sister Stewart, Sister Chavez, Sister Salines and Sister Sequeiro.
 Elder Reyes, Elder Mejia, Elder Cruz, Elder Andrade, Elder Cachay,  and Elder Lozaro.
Elder Rodriguez, Elder Alvarado, Elder Ricapa, Elder Monroy, and Elder Aves.
 Hermana Haro, Hermana Sofán, Hermana Limaico, Hermana Hernandez, and Hermana Rochette.
Elder Jensen, Elder Baily, Elder Lazaro in front.
Elder Limaico, Elder Haacke, Elder Segura, Elder Ricapa, Elder Morales, Elder Tacza, Elder Breas, Elder Cachay, Elder Alvarado, Elder Espinosa, Elder Andrade, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Wirthlin. 
The Cajamarca North and South Zones.

A welcome card for President and Sister Marler.
The Sisters of Cajamarca.
 Off to lunch.
Stopping to pose with President Marler.
A dinner with President Barboza, such a pleasure to get to know our local Priesthood Leaders.