Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Zona Guadalupe -Zone Conference

We walked into the Chapel in Pacasmayo before District Conference to hear the Angel Choir
of missionaries, it was lovely.  

 We actually arrived in Pacasmayo, a part of the Guadalupe Zone, on Saturday night and started with a few interviews.  It was wonderful to finally meet our new missionaries after the announcement of the mission reorganization last December.
Elder Dykstra, Sister Peel and Sister Obando sit waiting for
interviews with President Marler.
 Elder Turner, Elder Dykstra, Elder Manley and Elder Boza.

 Elder Leon, speaks great English and is a real star.  In the background, Elder Farfan, has an amazing
conversion story.  I just love taking to each missionary as President Marler has his interview, it is a joy to learn about each of our new missionaries.
 Meet all the Sisters from Zona Guadalupe. 
Hermana Tonganguillen, Hermana Furness, Hermana Acosta, 
Hermana Peel, Hermana Villa and Hermana Obando.
A beautiful addition to our sisters in the mission.  I can't wait until
we can all get together to have our missionaries get to know one another.
 Two awesome and very cute future missionaries.
 Elders from the zone, enjoyed a little time together waiting for lunch.
Sister Vaughan, Elder Leon, Elder Boza, Elder Elder Manley(f) Elder Farfan, Elder Gomez, Elder Dykstra, Elder Turner...and in the back Elder Lavado and Elder Olsen. 

 Zone leaders in front, Elder Olsen and Elder Henry, with the sisters and mission Assistants.
Sisters Blackburn and Sister Arangura joined the group of sisters for this picture.
 President Marler provided training to the Zone,  he trained on a variety of subjects, 
including: The doctrine of "finding favor in their eyes"

 Sister Marler talked about the temple and the importance of inviting all to receive their sacred ordinances.  This is the way we can learn more of Christ, receive physical and spiritual protection and prepare ourselves to return to Him one day. 
 Elder Manley shared his story with us and how he gave up an MTV contract to come on his mission.
From Alternative Rock to a singing missionary.  
We loved his arrangement of "If I Could Hie to Kolob".  
 Zona Guadalupe
...and President Marler singing and playing the Ukulele.  Great day, great meeting, great missionaries.