Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Friday, July 3, 2015

First Concilio de Liderazgo of the Mission Trujillo North Mission

We had a wonderful day at our Concilio de Liderazgo meeting.  We started bright and early.
The Leadership Council attended a temple session,
what a great day to start the day!
 The missionaries say I don't put enough pictures of me on the blog,
 and since two of them are sitting here, watching me, I agreed to put this one on.  
I was walking up to the temple, 
looking at my eternal sweetheart when he took this picture. 

 Elder Aves, Elder Copa, Elder Phelps and Sister South take notes as President speaks.
 Not sure what Elder Mendoza and Elder Pequeño are doing, but they are having fun!
 Another group shop of the Council.  How nice to have the 10 Zone Leaders and Sister Leader Trainers with us from Zona Guadalupe, Zona Cajamarca Sur and Zona Cajamarca Norte.
 Sister South played a beautiful accompaniment to "Abide With Me" as we all sang.
Sister Reynolds provided the human music stand. 
Buen hecho, Hermanas!
 We then finished the day with a special meeting with the Sister Trainer Leaders at the mission home.
 Sister Perez and Sister Blackburn.
 Sister Perez enjoying the training.
 Sister Aranguren and Sister Hidalgo.
From back: Sister Cossio, Sister Nuñez, Sister Sofan, Sister Haro, 
Front: Sister Hidalgo, Sister Aranguren, Sister Blackburn, Sister South, Sister Reynolds, Sister Perez.