Trujillo Peru North Mission

Trujillo Peru North Mission
Amos de la Viña

Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Tour of Cajamarca

We decided that after five days of interviews and driving, we would take a look around Cajamarca, 
it is truly a beautiful city. 
We found that there are many ruins from the Inca and Pre-Inca civilizations. 

 The Ventanillas de Otusco.  
These were sepulchers for the wealthy Inca rulers of this area.  
They are called Ventanillas because they look like little windows in the cliffs. 
We had a one day history lesson from President Barboza, 
not only is he the stake president in Cajamarca Stake,
but also a tour guide and historian.
 The Baños de Incas in the town with the same name, 
where Atahualpa spent his final vacation before 
the Spaniard Conquistadores captured him.
 Hot and cold water come into the baño, mixed to a perfect temperature to enjoy a bath.
 This is the modern day spa that takes advantage of the hot springs. 
 The remains of an Inca temple.  The rocked area was a baptismal fount,
it is believed that it was used for vicarious baptisms for the dead. 
 We stopped to enjoy the playground, Sister Angel and Sister Marler enjoying the swings.
 Everybody likes to swing, no?
 14 Inca rulers depicted in statues. 
 The Baroque Cathedral in Cajamarca. 
 The alter in the Cathedral of San Francisco, build by the Indigenous people of Cajamarca.
 The Belen Hospital Chapel, now a museum.  Beautiful, but no pictures allowed. 
 The Evening streets of Cajamarca.  It reminds me of Spain.
Atahualpa was measured for ransom here in this chamber.
 Beautiful murals in the halls of the Belen hospital.
 The Belen Chapel.
What a blessing to have spent the day with President Barboza.
We look forward to returning to Cajamarca and the surrounding countryside,
not to mention our wonderful missionaries there.